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Q: Can I make a concrete counter-top look like Granite?

A: It’s not an exact science, but color(s) are added to the concrete to create a granite look. And the final product is polished and sealed for a smooth, shiny look. Of course, some want a more rustic, non-polished look, but yes, we can make it look like Granite.

Q: In the use of Countertops or a Bar, how will Concrete wear and hold up?

A: Concrete will patina with age like any other stone (other than marble of course).

Q: Is there a location to view different Designs (Stamps) and/or Stain Colors?

A: You can view various stamps and stain colors from manufacturer’s websites such as or ProLine ( or Stampcrete (

Q: What affects the pricing of a Decorative Concrete job?

A: Primarily the square footage is the biggest determinant of price. However additions such as adding integral color in the concrete mix, multiple stamp designs within an area, custom edging or staining the final product- all add costs to the project.

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